About Us

Established since April 1st 2004, Asia Dessert Marketing set out with the vision to provide quality dessert ingredients and dessert recipes for all world-wide. Our desire to ensure total clients satisfaction drove us to open our first factory in 2012 aimed at producing Purees and enhancing our capabilities to support our customer. Our fruit supplies used in the Puree production processes are specially imported and selected by our processing control team and are imported from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam & Thailand. With the establishment of our factories , proven Puree production processes, stringent quality control processes and highly charged team, we are confident and well positioned to do supplies distribution to:
- Hotels & Restaurants
- Food courts & hawker centers
- Wet markets

We are also aiming at enhancing our business presences world-wide and currently exporting to:
- China
- Indonesia

Contact Details

  • Alvin Yeo
  • (65) 6741-6338

  • 68 Kallang Pudding Rd #06-04 SYH Logistics Building
    S'pore (349327)